Metadata and Content Overview and Analysis

Add-Meta-Tags can generate a basic statistical and informative overview of your content and metadata.

This is an experimental feature and does not constitute SEO advice in any way.

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Important Notice

Neither Add-Meta-Tags nor its developer or contributors provide users with SEO advice or ratings of your content through the metadata overview report or through any Add-Meta-Tags support channel. This should be considered a feature and not lack thereof.

Any reports generated by Add-Meta-Tags are solely for statistical and informational purposes only. Any interpretation of the provided data is the sole responsibility of the user.

Read more about the mentality upon which the development of this plugin has been based.

Enabling the report

The metadata overview can be enabled at the Metadata Review Mode section of the plugin settings page (Settings -> Metadata). Of course, enabling the Metadata Review Mode is a prerequisite.

Please note that this is an experimental feature and is released for testing. More customization of the generated report will be available in future releases of the plugin.

Topic Keywords

For the sake of this feature Add-Meta-Tags introduces the concept of topic keywords. Topic keywords are just keywords that describe the topic of the content. By default, the source of the list of topic keywords is expected to be a Custom Field named:


The name of this field can be customized with the following snippet:

function amt_metadata_analysis_get_topic_keywords_field() {
    // default field name: topic_keywords
    return 'My Topic Keywords';
add_filter('amt_metadata_analysis_topic_keywords_field', 'amt_metadata_analysis_get_topic_keywords_field');

You can create such a Custom Field at the post editing screen. Please note that sometimes you have to enable the Custom Fields metabox through the Screen Options.

This field is expected to contain a comma delimited list of topic keywords. For instance:

python, programming, tutorial

In case such a field does not exist, Add-Meta-Tags uses the contents of the keywords meta tag as topic keywords. This happens regardless of the fact that the generation of the keywords meta tag has been enabled or not.

Why use the topic keywords field?

Adding any keywords in a topic_keywords Custom Field that you create is entirely optional and its sole purpose is to give you extra flexibility regarding the statistical report.

In most cases, a report based on the keywords of the keywords meta tag should be enough.

Sections of the report

By default the overview consists of the following parts:

  • A table containing keywords occurrence & frequency inside the content, plus info about the occurrences of each keyword in the content/metadata/titles/url.
  • A keyword distribution graph.
  • As a bonus, if you have installed the word-statistics-plugin plugin by FD, some readability scores are also printed. Please note that the results of this plugin for English and other languages are currently being evaluated.