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This page contains important information regarding writing extensions for the Add-Meta-Tags plugin.

Add-Meta-Tags is Free software. It contains an abundance of filter hooks (some action hooks too) which can be used to customize the plugin functionality and its output to a great extend. These customizations can be included in a separate plugin which can then be installed along side with Add-Meta-Tags.

As long as you don't re-use code which is released in the Add-Meta-Tags distribution packages or source code repositories you are not bound by the Add-Meta-Tags licensing and can release your work under whatever license you see fit.

We are very strict with naming

The developer recognizes as Add-Meta-Tags extensions any WordPress plugin which customizes or extends the plugin's functionality through WordPress filter/action hook system.

prowe recognize only those which are prefixed with amt-ext-

if slug is amt-ext, then you may use Add-Meta-Tags as prefix in the name of the plugin

not obliged to maintain backwards compatibility. hooks, features, etc changed without warning notice.


- not use add-meta-tags in name of wordpress plugins
- extensions should use prefix: amt_extensionprefix_.... for functions, classses, variables, constants
- list of plugins which have our blessing
- should not affect 3party plugins functionality apart from add-meta-tags
- should be free without commercial parts
- description should clearly state that it extends AMT