Fast Static Feed

Welcome to the development website of the Fast-Static-Feed WordPress plugin.

Fast-Static-Feed is a WordPress plugin that can cache the site’s entries feed, and deliver a static XML file instead of constantly generating the feed content on every client request. This, combined with the fact that the web server can compress the web content on-the-fly, can greatly reduced the waste of bandwidth and system resources.

Quote from the official homepage:

Syndicated content has almost become the standard way of distributing web content nowadays. WordPress can deliver its content in various different feed formats (RSS 2.0, Atom 1.0, RDF, RSS 0.92) and can generate feeds for both the published posts (grouped by time, category, tag, author etc) and the comments that have been submitted by readers. Moreover, some RSS add-on modules are being used in the generated feeds, so that modern feed readers can even retrieve the submitted comments for each of the feed entries. It is obvious that all these features greatly enhance the user experience, but, on the other hand, depending on the website’s traffic they might increase the server load and thus the content delivery times.