The following licenses are built-in:

- All Creative Commons 4.0 licenses.
- The CC0 rights waiver by Creative Commons.
- Although not a license and not recommended, the All Rights Reserved clause.

Quick Start

Making all your content available under the terms of a single license is as easy as selecting a default global license in the plugin's configuration screen. In the same screen you can customize various details of the license text and also the looks of the displayed license block.

For those who license their content under various licenses, it is possible to customize the license on a per post basis from the License box in the post editing screen. If this is still not enough, the [license] shortcode is available, which can be used to generate quick license badges to easily add licensing information to parts of a single post.

The built-in licenses can be customized via filters and also the plugin can be extended in order to support custom licenses.

The features at a glance:

  • Configuration screen in the WordPress administration panel under the path Settings->License.
  • Custom license on a per post basis.
  • Separate licensing information for posts within the content.
  • Shortcode that generates license badges. See the dedicated section below for usage information.
  • A license widget is available to add to your sidebars.
  • Licensing meta information can be added to:
    • The HTML head area (Not visible to human visitors).
    • The Atom, RSS 2.0 and RDF (RSS 1.0) feeds through the Creative Commons RSS module, which validates properly. This option is compatible only with WordPress 2 or newer due to technical reasons.
    • A block with licensing information under the published content.
  • Some template tags are provided for use in your theme templates.
  • The text generated for each of the built-in licenses can be easily customized.
  • The plugin is ready for localization.
  • The plugin can be extended to support custom licenses.

License Shortcode

The license shortcode allows you quickly generate license badges. These can be used to indicate that parts of your post have a different license. The shortcode can be used like this:


The following parameters are supported:

- type: (string) (required): The type of the license. This has to be one of the license types supported by the plugin. If the parameter is missing, it will print the supported types. For instance: cc__by, cc__by-nd, cc__by-sa, cc__by-nc, cc__by-nc-nd, cc__by-nc-sa, cc0. There is no default.
- compact: (string) (0|1): Whether to use the compact license images or not. The default is "1".
- link: (string) (0|1): Whether to create an image link to the license page or output just the <img> element. The default is "1".


[license type="cc__by-sa"]
[license type="cc__by-sa" compact="0"]
[license type="cc__by-sa" compact="0" link="0"]

Template Tags

This plugin provides some Template Tags, which can be used in your theme templates. These are the following:

NOTE: Template tags will be revised in upcoming versions.