NOTICE: This page contains outdated information.

There is an ongoing effort to translate Add-Meta-Tags to as many languages as possible. The easiest way to contribute translations is to register to the translations project at the Transifex service.

Once registered, join the team of the language translation you wish to contribute to. If a team does not exist for your language, be the first to create a translation team by requesting the language and start translating.

Translations Status

Join a team at the Add-Meta-Tags translations project and start translating right away from your browser!

Distribution of translations as part of the project

The general rule is that only translations which are >80% complete are included in the distribution packages. Less complete translations can still ship with the project in various cases.

WordPress Plugin Language Packs

I'm currently evaluating this new feature. Until a migration is decided, please contribute your translations to the translations project at the Transifex service.

Licensing of contributed translations

The contribution of translations to the Add-Meta-Tags project is governed by the terms of the Apache License version 2. The contribution must take place on the aforementioned translations project or other publicly accessible online location indicated by the developer in order to be valid.

As a contributor you retain the full rights of your contribution, but provide the developer with a perpetual and irrevocable license to use and distribute your work as part of this project. Please read the full legal text of the license for more details.