Metadata Strategy

This page contains information about how Add-Meta-Tags decides which information to use in the metadata it generates.


In post metadata

The plugin attempts to add image metadata to the post by looking for images in the following order:

  1. The featured image of the post.
  2. The first attached image to the post.
  3. The URL to a default image (eg the web site's logo) as set in the plugin settings (Setting -> Metadata -> Default image).

Moreover, there is a global image override feature which can be used to override the above image fallback logic and enforce the use of a
specific image URL, which can be whatever. In order to be able to do this, first, you have to enable the the Global image override feature in the plugin settings (Setting -> Metadata -> Metabox features -> Global image override). You can now add a custom image URL in the relevant field of the Metadata section in the post editing screen.

Front page

The default image from the plugin settings is used (Setting -> Metadata -> Default image).


Images for terms can be set via filtering.

TODO: add detailed information about the filter hook names.