VeriTAR Development Website

Welcome to the development website of VeriTAR.

VeriTAR [Veri(fy)TAR] is a command-line utility that verifies the md5 sums of
files within a TAR archive. Due to the tar (ustar) format limitations the md5
sums are retrieved from a separate file and are checked against the md5 sums of
the files within the tar archive. The process takes place without actually
exctracting the files.

It works with corrupted tar archives. The program carries on to the next
file within the archive skipping the damaged parts. At the moment, this relies
on Python's tarfile module internal functions.

Compressed TAR archives (Gzip or BZ2) are supported.

VeriTAR is written in Python.


This project has been discontinued. It is no longer used by the developer and will not be developed any further.


VeriTAR is released under the terms of the Apache License version 2