Frequently Asked Questions

What is the development status of this plugin?

This plugin has been deprecated. It is no longer supported. It is no longer tested with new WordPress releases. Using it in production is not recommended.

It is strongly suggested to migrate to other more modern and better maintained plugins.

Regarding existing users, the cache invalidation functionality of this plugin should be considered incomplete. Please switch to a more complete plugin.

I have a question/idea about the plugin! Can I contact you?

Please, don't. All inquiries about the plugin are silently discarded. I no longer provide support and, also, I'm not interested in any idea or proposal.

The source code of the plugin is released under a permissive open source license. You may use the source code according to the licensing terms.

I found the source code of this plugin on a third party web site. Should I trust it?

Please understand, that, due to the nature of Free Open Source Software, the source code of any such project may be freely distributed from any web site on the internet. Obviously, you should never trust source code you find on third party web sites. Please check the Downloads page for more information about downloading the source code.