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1439BugNewNormalProduct price meta tags should check if price has been set.04/26/2015 03:40 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.4

1430BugFeedbackNormalOption to generate description/keywords meta tags only if they have been entered manually by the user.04/26/2015 05:45 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.5

1427BugNewNormalMetadata for BuddyPress04/26/2015 05:28 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.7 for taxonomies04/26/2015 05:48 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.5 is_page() should be used to set main object to WebPage04/26/2015 05:47 AM

1420FeatureNewNormalOG for forum04/26/2015 05:28 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.7

1418TaskNewNormalCheck og:rich_attachment04/15/2015 09:36 PM

1417BugNewNormalCheck the fb:profile_id04/15/2015 09:36 PM

1411BugNewNormalExplore the possibility to make tabbed admin interface04/26/2015 05:31 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.7

1404TaskNewNormalGoogle Knowledge Graph03/27/2015 12:10 PM

1402BugNewNormalCheck how can the creation of multilingual content be facilitated using hreflang meta tags03/20/2015 10:55 AM

1389BugNewNormalPerformance optimizations04/26/2015 05:46 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.5

1383BugNewNormalCheck the author meta tag04/26/2015 05:28 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.7

1376FeatureNewNormalRelease script should generate file containing filelist and SHA1 sum of each file.04/26/2015 03:40 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.4

1370TaskNewNormalCheck Twiter Website Card03/01/2015 07:19 AM

1355BugNewNormalAdd app (android/ios) information in player cards for youtube videos04/26/2015 05:48 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.4

1348BugFeedbackNormalMissing dimensions of default image04/26/2015 05:30 AM

1340BugAssignedNormal[rss] Namespace prefix creativeCommons on license is not defined George Notaras01/31/2015 07:17 AMCreative Commons Configurator - 1.8.8

1315BugNewNormalAdd setting to enable the source work attribution functionality01/07/2015 09:54 PM

1265BugNewNormalCannot modify header information - headers already sent by12/21/2014 03:12 PM

1264BugNewNormalMaybe should check if OB has been started12/21/2014 03:12 PM

1256FeatureFeedbackNormalImprove header additions12/21/2014 01:39 PM

1253BugNewNormalUse strict sanitization in the plugin configuration page.01/06/2015 06:22 AM

1249BugNewNormalConfigurable thumbnail size in twitter cards (150x150)04/26/2015 05:48 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.8.4

1242TaskNewNormalCheck new template tags to retrieve archive title and description01/06/2015 06:22 AM

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