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1269BugNewNormalUse this code to protect the display of custom post fields on password protected posts.12/21/2014 03:08 PM2.5.5

1267BugNewNormalFix PHP notices12/21/2014 09:08 PM1.5.4

1263FeatureNewNormalFilter to change the icon url on-the-fly at the time the HTML code is constructed.12/20/2014 08:51 PM1.5.4

1262FeatureNewNormalAdd filter to customize the default license in the license metabox.12/20/2014 08:36 PM1.5.4

1253BugNewNormalUse strict sanitization in the plugin configuration page.12/19/2014 04:29 PM2.6.3

1249BugNewNormalConfigurable thumbnail size in twitter cards (150x150)12/20/2014 11:21 AM2.5.6

1247BugNewNormallink rel="publisher and link rel="author not appeared on front page of website12/20/2014 11:21 AM2.5.6

1242TaskNewNormalCheck new template tags to retrieve archive title and description12/19/2014 04:29 PM2.6.3

1241FeatureNewLowMake it possible to retrieve metadata via AJAX call12/19/2014 04:29 PM2.7.0

1239FeatureNewNormalCheck 'relatedItem' ( and 'og:see_also' (OG) meta tags12/20/2014 11:21 AM2.5.6

1237FeatureAssignedNormalCheck opengraph meta tag og:see_also12/20/2014 02:09 PM2.5.6

1229BugNewNormalUsing Django 1.7 generates noisy system check framework warningsGeorge Notaras10/15/2014 11:33 PM

1222BugNewHighMissing : character from export zone. Problem with IPv6 reverse zones03/05/2014 03:59 AM

1221BugNewNormalFix search fields03/01/2014 08:43 AM

1220BugNewNormalMake max_num for record inlines customizable, so that very large zones can be supported.02/28/2014 06:14 AM

1216TaskNewNormalUpdate plugin metadata for compatibility with WordPress 3.8.112/21/2014 09:08 PM1.5.4

1208TaskNewNormalAdd info about which powerdns versions have been tested.01/17/2014 01:51 PM

1207TaskNewNormalAdd info about how to migrate existing tables to powerdns_manager.01/17/2014 01:44 PM

1205BugNewNormalAdd example script that is supposed to update the Dynamic Zone01/10/2014 04:37 AM

1204BugResolvedNormalfixing invalid function name errorGeorge Notaras12/21/2014 09:07 PM1.5.4

1203BugNewNormalCheck code contribution by Heiko in contrib12/21/2014 09:07 PM1.5.4

1198BugNewNormalZone serial is not updated if SOA is edited.12/20/2013 11:48 PM

1196BugNewNormalCheck the index-together model meta property instead of executing directly the SQL query (New in Django 1.5)12/18/2013 09:43 PM

1195BugNewNormalMissing feature "Add from AXFR" from feature list12/18/2013 06:40 PM

1194BugNewNormalRemove the sites app from the example project as it buffles users.12/18/2013 06:40 PM

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