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1695Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalNew help section about extended metadata.11/26/2015 04:24 PM

1694Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalUpdate template tags on the wiki11/25/2015 10:08 PM

1693Add Meta TagsBugNewNormal"Content published by" in opengraph is_author() is not translatable11/25/2015 07:42 PM

1692Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalAdd support for fb:profile_id11/25/2015 07:35 PM

1691Creative Commons ConfiguratorBugNewNormalFilter to exclude CC-Block fro specific pages11/24/2015 10:32 PM

1690Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalMISSING TITLE error in BuddyPress member pages, possibly if Advanced Titles are turned on.11/24/2015 10:25 PM

1689Add Meta TagsFeatureAssignedNormalCreate template tag that prints the local author profile URLGeorge Notaras11/23/2015 12:10 AM

1688Add Meta TagsFeatureAssignedNormalSelectable source of author profileGeorge Notaras11/22/2015 04:02 PM

1239Add Meta TagsFeatureAssignedNormalCheck 'relatedItem' ( and 'og:see_also' (OG) meta tagsGeorge Notaras11/18/2015 06:09 PM

1662Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalCheck potential performance issues with get_stylesheet_directory() in amtembed11/18/2015 06:09 PM

1616Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalAdd example about how to filter the meta tags11/18/2015 06:09 PM

1599Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalFunction that returns the URL to the local author profile depending on several factors11/18/2015 06:09 PM

1551Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAdd support for selection of main entity of the homepage11/18/2015 06:09 PM

1614Add Meta TagsTaskAssignedNormalAdd question if FAQ about the title issue described in the Theme RequirementsGeorge Notaras11/18/2015 06:08 PM

1549Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAdd support for license if CC-Configurator is used.11/18/2015 06:08 PM

1543Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalClean up documentation11/18/2015 06:08 PM

1541Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalMake sure Organization picks up an image on the front page11/18/2015 06:08 PM

1507Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalAdd link in FAQ and wiki about 'I_Make_Changes_and_Nothing_Happens'11/18/2015 06:08 PM

1389Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalPerformance optimizations11/18/2015 06:08 PM

1237Add Meta TagsFeatureAssignedNormalCheck opengraph meta tag og:see_alsoGeorge Notaras11/18/2015 06:08 PM

1605Add Meta TagsFeatureAssignedNormalUse custom fields in the post's full meta tagsGeorge Notaras11/18/2015 06:07 PM

1619Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalCheck icons11/18/2015 06:06 PM

1618Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalTry using esc_url() instead of esc_url_raw()11/18/2015 06:06 PM

1611Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalAdd to packagist11/18/2015 06:06 PM

1589Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalAdd info about auto updates in the wiki11/18/2015 06:06 PM

1588Add Meta TagsTaskAssignedNormalInclude composer.json in the release package.11/18/2015 06:06 PM

1514Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalA twitter card is not generated on the static page that displays the latest posts.11/18/2015 06:06 PM

1509Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalCheck if it would be possible to use customizable urlpattern for sitelink search11/18/2015 06:06 PM

1617Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalIn the custom post type archive the descripition of the post type as set in the registration function should be tried before using the generic description11/17/2015 07:59 PM

1610Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalSet version property11/17/2015 07:59 PM

1602Add Meta TagsTaskNewHighResearch about the mainEntity and mainEntityOfPage properties.11/17/2015 07:59 PM

1601Add Meta TagsTaskNewHighResearch about the itemid (microdata) and id (json-ld)11/17/2015 07:59 PM

1457Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalCheck v2 mainEntityOfPage11/17/2015 07:59 PM

1685Creative Commons ConfiguratorBugNewNormalAdd filter to exclude license info from pages like buddypress profiles11/17/2015 08:24 AM

1684Creative Commons ConfiguratorBugNewNormalAdd markdown readme for github.11/17/2015 08:23 AM

1669Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureFeedbackNormalCorrect Semantic tag for copyright info - html511/16/2015 08:48 AM

1340Creative Commons ConfiguratorBugFeedbackNormal[rss] Namespace prefix creativeCommons on license is not defined 11/12/2015 12:49 PM

1658Creative Commons ConfiguratorTaskNewNormalCheck CC+11/01/2015 01:45 AM

1590Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureNewNormalFind way to reset the _bccl_license field in case the default license changes.11/01/2015 01:45 AM

1621django-powerdns-managerBugResolvedHighDeprecation warningGeorge Notaras10/18/2015 12:14 AM

1572Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAdd some timing information10/03/2015 04:42 PM

1492Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalAdd filter hooks as insert points for other types of content (bbPress, BuddyPress, etc)George Notaras10/03/2015 04:42 PM

1376Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalRelease script should generate file containing filelist and SHA1 sum of each file.10/03/2015 04:42 PM

1253Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalUse strict sanitization in the plugin configuration page.09/30/2015 04:08 PM

1558Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalUse the video caption in the headline property?09/30/2015 09:49 AM

1557Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalUse image alt in headline property of the image?09/30/2015 09:49 AM

1553Add Meta TagsFeatureFeedbackNormalFilter to prevent the author/publisher links from being generated09/30/2015 09:49 AM

1348Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalMissing dimensions of default image09/30/2015 09:49 AM

1241Add Meta TagsFeatureNewLowMake it possible to retrieve metadata via AJAX call09/30/2015 09:49 AM

1097Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalNOODP not added on archives09/30/2015 09:49 AM

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