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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated % Done
1508Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalIt should be able to custommize the custom title using a template.08/06/2015 01:27 PM

1551Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAdd support for selection of main entity of the homepage08/06/2015 02:52 AM

1550Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAdd support for advanced titles08/06/2015 02:50 AM

1549Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAdd support for license if CC-Configurator is used.08/06/2015 02:44 AM

1547Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAllow filtering for site wide meta tags08/05/2015 07:10 PM

1546Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalRemove experimental feature mark from microdata generator.08/05/2015 09:11 AM

1545Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalWooCommerce metadata no longer in testing08/05/2015 09:08 AM

1543Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalClean up documentation08/05/2015 08:29 AM

1514Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalA twitter card is not generated on the static page that displays the latest posts.08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1509Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalCheck if it would be possible to use customizable urlpattern for sitelink search08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1485Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalAdd support for ImageObject if post format has been set to image08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1484Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalAdd support for AudioObject if post format has been set to video08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1482Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalAdd support for VideoObject if post format has been set to video08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1430Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalOption to generate description/keywords meta tags only if they have been entered manually by the user.08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1425Add Meta for taxonomies08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1417Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalCheck the fb:profile_id08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1389Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalPerformance optimizations08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1383Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalCheck the author meta tag08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1370Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalCheck Twiter Website Card08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1253Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalUse strict sanitization in the plugin configuration page.08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1242Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalCheck new template tags to retrieve archive title and description08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1099Add Meta TagsFeatureFeedbackNormalConsider adding the categories from the loop in the keywords metatag of category/tag based archives.08/05/2015 08:28 AM

1542Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalWebsite 'publisher'->Organization itemprop should be filterable (could be creator etc)08/04/2015 11:40 AM

1541Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalMake sure Organization picks up an image on the front page08/04/2015 11:37 AM

1540Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalThe Dublin Core generator does not obey media limits.07/29/2015 03:20 AM

1539Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalEmbedded video objects (eg youtube) give errors in the structured data validator07/28/2015 02:01 PM

1538Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalConsider setting the ProductID to product slug07/28/2015 10:47 AM

1527Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalIn WooCommerce take the product short description into account.07/26/2015 02:25 PM

1526Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalDublin Core should comply with the media limit.07/26/2015 02:25 PM

1097Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalNOODP not added on archives07/26/2015 02:25 PM

1507Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalAdd link in FAQ and wiki about 'I_Make_Changes_and_Nothing_Happens'07/26/2015 02:23 PM

1487Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalSupport breadcrumbs for posts: Home> Category> Post07/26/2015 02:23 PM

1457Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalCheck v2 mainEntityOfPage07/26/2015 02:23 PM

1376Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalRelease script should generate file containing filelist and SHA1 sum of each file.07/26/2015 02:23 PM

1355Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalAdd app (android/ios) information in player cards for youtube videos07/26/2015 02:23 PM

1348Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalMissing dimensions of default image07/26/2015 02:23 PM

1249Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalConfigurable thumbnail size in twitter cards (150x150)07/26/2015 02:23 PM

1524Add Meta TagsBugAssignedNormalCheck the existence of the headline property in for articles/pagesGeorge Notaras07/26/2015 02:22 PM

1481Add Meta add embedUrl from amtembed to local VideoObjectGeorge Notaras07/26/2015 02:22 PM

1239Add Meta TagsFeatureAssignedNormalCheck 'relatedItem' ( and 'og:see_also' (OG) meta tagsGeorge Notaras07/26/2015 02:22 PM

1237Add Meta TagsFeatureAssignedNormalCheck opengraph meta tag og:see_alsoGeorge Notaras07/26/2015 02:22 PM

1166Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAdd IDs to all objects, so they can be refered to using itemref attribute07/26/2015 02:22 PM

1160Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalAdd prefix for OpenGraph07/26/2015 02:22 PM

1142Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalTabbed metabox07/26/2015 02:22 PM

1081Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalUse revision in article07/26/2015 02:22 PM

1241Add Meta TagsFeatureNewLowMake it possible to retrieve metadata via AJAX call07/22/2015 10:08 PM

1427Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalMetadata for BuddyPress07/21/2015 05:44 AM

1420Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalOG for forum07/21/2015 05:44 AM

1492Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalAdd filter hooks as insert points for other types of content (bbPress, BuddyPress, etc)George Notaras07/21/2015 03:59 AM

1418Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalCheck og:rich_attachment07/21/2015 03:59 AM

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