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1693BugNewNormal"Content published by" in opengraph is_author() is not translatable11/27/2015 03:42 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1514BugNewNormalA twitter card is not generated on the static page that displays the latest posts.11/18/2015 06:06 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1355BugNewNormalAdd app (android/ios) information in player cards for youtube videos11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

270BugNewNormalAdd can_read permission by default for new repository members04/14/2010 11:13 PM

438FeatureAssignedNormalAdd cropping support05/07/2011 01:20 AMdjango-thumbnail-works - 0.2.2

12FeatureNewNormalAdd document with specific rules for forum posts.10/22/2009 06:10 PM

1616TaskNewNormalAdd example about how to filter the meta tags11/27/2015 03:42 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1205BugNewNormalAdd example script that is supposed to update the Dynamic Zone01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

1685BugNewNormalAdd filter to exclude license info from pages like buddypress profiles11/17/2015 08:24 AMCreative Commons Configurator - 1.8.16

1166FeatureNewNormalAdd IDs to all objects, so they can be refered to using itemref attribute11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1589TaskNewNormalAdd info about auto updates in the wiki11/18/2015 06:06 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1207TaskNewNormalAdd info about how to migrate existing tables to powerdns_manager.01/14/2015 02:41 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

892TaskNewNormalAdd info about the 'PowerDNS Managers' group in the quick start guide.01/14/2015 02:42 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

1208TaskNewNormalAdd info about which powerdns versions have been tested.01/14/2015 02:41 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

847TaskNewNormalAdd information about which PowerDNS versions are supported01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

809TaskAssignedNormalAdd instructions about the bulk operations through actions01/14/2015 02:41 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

808TaskAssignedNormalAdd instructions about the command line interface 01/14/2015 02:41 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

924TaskNewNormalAdd instructions about zone cloning01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

1507TaskNewNormalAdd link in FAQ and wiki about 'I_Make_Changes_and_Nothing_Happens'11/27/2015 03:40 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1684BugNewNormalAdd markdown readme for github.11/17/2015 08:23 AMCreative Commons Configurator - 1.8.16

268BugNewNormalAdd notifications for team members of Subversion repositories04/14/2010 09:11 PM

1160BugNewNormalAdd prefix for OpenGraph11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

709BugNewNormalAdd project to PYPI05/05/2012 03:31 AM

1614TaskAssignedNormalAdd question if FAQ about the title issue described in the Theme RequirementsGeorge Notaras11/27/2015 03:40 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1315BugNewNormalAdd setting to enable the source work attribution functionality01/07/2015 09:54 PM

1572FeatureNewNormalAdd some timing information11/28/2015 12:12 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1484BugNewNormalAdd support for AudioObject if post format has been set to video11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1024FeatureNewNormalAdd support for correct use of rel canonical on multipage content11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1692BugNewNormalAdd support for fb:profile_id11/27/2015 03:42 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1485BugNewNormalAdd support for ImageObject if post format has been set to image11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1549FeatureNewNormalAdd support for license if CC-Configurator is used.11/27/2015 03:40 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

780FeatureNewNormalAdd support for more records in generate_zone_file() utility function01/14/2015 02:42 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

779FeatureNewNormalAdd support for more records in process_zone_file() utility function01/14/2015 02:42 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

807FeatureNewNormalAdd support for reversion01/14/2015 02:42 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.2a1

1482BugNewNormalAdd support for VideoObject if post format has been set to video11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

917FeatureNewNormalAdd support for zone groups01/14/2015 02:42 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.3a1

1611TaskNewNormalAdd to packagist11/18/2015 06:06 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

24BugNewNormalAddition of a control panel10/24/2009 06:56 AMBreak Out Of Frames - 0.4

15BugNewHighChange the package filename to incude version10/23/2009 07:46 AMSimple Recent Comments - 0.2.0

1239FeatureAssignedNormalCheck 'relatedItem' ( and 'og:see_also' (OG) meta tagsGeorge Notaras11/27/2015 03:40 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1658TaskNewNormalCheck CC+11/01/2015 01:45 AM

1619TaskNewNormalCheck icons11/18/2015 06:06 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1509BugNewNormalCheck if it would be possible to use customizable urlpattern for sitelink search11/18/2015 06:06 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1242TaskNewNormalCheck new template tags to retrieve archive title and description11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1418TaskNewNormalCheck og:rich_attachment11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1237FeatureAssignedNormalCheck opengraph meta tag og:see_alsoGeorge Notaras11/27/2015 03:40 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1127TaskNewNormalCheck out LRMI12/20/2014 06:57 PM

1662BugNewNormalCheck potential performance issues with get_stylesheet_directory() in amtembed11/27/2015 03:42 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1457TaskNewNormalCheck v2 mainEntityOfPage11/17/2015 07:59 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1383BugNewNormalCheck the author meta tag11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

637TaskNewNormalCheck the data types in the Munin plugin03/20/2015 09:12 AM

1524BugAssignedNormalCheck the existence of the headline property in for articles/pagesGeorge Notaras11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1417BugNewNormalCheck the fb:profile_id11/30/2015 12:03 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1196BugNewNormalCheck the index-together model meta property instead of executing directly the SQL query (New in Django 1.5)01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

1710TaskNewNormalCheck this topic for BP field data retrieval and internal data caching11/30/2015 12:03 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1370TaskNewNormalCheck Twiter Website Card11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

921BugNewNormalCheck whether the position of the wildcard in the record name is within the domain.01/14/2015 02:42 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

1249BugNewNormalConfigurable thumbnail size in twitter cards (150x150)11/30/2015 12:03 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1076FeatureNewNormalConsider adding rel prev next links when viewing attachment pages and more attachments exist for the same post.11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1099FeatureFeedbackNormalConsider adding the categories from the loop in the keywords metatag of category/tag based archives.11/28/2015 12:12 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1538BugNewNormalConsider setting the ProductID to product slug11/28/2015 12:12 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

140FeatureNewNormalConsider the use of an SSH server implemented with Twisted.conch03/26/2010 03:22 AM

458FeatureNewNormalConsider using the service for image optimization09/12/2011 03:14 PM

166FeatureNewHighConsider using the term Team Member instead of Repository User03/31/2010 09:35 PM

23FeatureNewNormalControl over the allowed/disallowed services that frame the website10/24/2009 06:55 AMBreak Out Of Frames - 0.4

1669FeatureFeedbackNormalCorrect Semantic tag for copyright info - html511/16/2015 08:48 AM

127FeatureNewNormalCreate an installation script04/15/2011 08:17 PMdjango-vcs-manager - 0.1.0

123FeatureNewNormalCreate tests for the authorization backend04/15/2010 08:46 PM

132FeatureNewNormalCreate web server configuration generators for repository access over HTTP04/15/2011 08:17 PMdjango-vcs-manager - 0.1.0

1621BugResolvedHighDeprecation warningGeorge Notaras10/18/2015 12:14 AMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.2a1

1577TaskFeedbackNormalDifferent max-age on new content and old content. Option to distinguish old content by days old.09/29/2015 08:21 AMAdd-Headers - 2.0.1

670FeatureAssignedNormalDisplay the server name10/18/2013 12:56 AM

13FeatureNewLowDisplayed comments could be filtered according to the post's categories10/23/2009 06:16 AMSimple Recent Comments - 0.2.0

446BugNewNormalError with South10/18/2013 12:56 AM

261BugNewHighException if user profile does not exist when creating repository04/16/2010 11:56 PM

477BugNewNormalException thrown if database is deleted and no owner is assigned09/18/2011 03:09 PM

929BugNewNormalException: (1054, "Unknown column 'domains.date_modified' in 'field list'")01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

1411BugNewNormalExplore the possibility to make tabbed admin interface11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1691BugNewNormalFilter to exclude CC-Block fro specific pages11/24/2015 10:32 PMCreative Commons Configurator - 1.8.16

1553FeatureFeedbackNormalFilter to prevent the author/publisher links from being generated11/28/2015 01:24 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1590FeatureNewNormalFind way to reset the _bccl_license field in case the default license changes.11/01/2015 01:45 AM

1221BugNewNormalFix search fields01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

436BugNewNormalIf the license slug is 'default' then it is caught in an endless loop trying to determine the template.05/06/2011 08:48 AM

855BugFeedbackNormalImporting SPF records from zone file adds the SPF content without quotes.George Notaras01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

854BugNewNormalImporting zone using AXR query should support adding the nameserver's hostname (not only IP)01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

135FeatureNewNormalImprove documentation04/15/2010 08:47 PM

1703FeatureNewNormalImprove the generators for BuddyPress by adding support for addresses, contact information and possibly groupsGeorge Notaras11/28/2015 12:14 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

776FeatureAssignedNormalImprove usage section of the documentation01/14/2015 02:41 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

1617BugNewNormalIn the custom post type archive the descripition of the post type as set in the registration function should be tried before using the generic description11/17/2015 07:59 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1527BugNewNormalIn WooCommerce take the product short description into account.11/28/2015 12:12 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1588TaskAssignedNormalInclude composer.json in the release package.11/18/2015 06:06 PMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

275BugNewNormalInternal Server Error when visiting hgroot if the directory does not exist04/15/2010 08:46 PM

108BugNewNormalInvestigate this exception in the error log10/31/2009 06:46 PM

1168FeatureNewNormalMake it possible for superusers to assign ownership of zones01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

1241FeatureNewLowMake it possible to retrieve metadata via AJAX call11/28/2015 12:12 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1220BugNewNormalMake max_num for record inlines customizable, so that very large zones can be supported.01/15/2015 03:53 PMdjango-powerdns-manager - 0.2.1a1

1582BugNewNormalMake sure is_admin() is excluded.09/30/2015 03:56 AMAdd-Headers - 2.0.1

1541BugNewNormalMake sure Organization picks up an image on the front page11/27/2015 03:40 AMAdd Meta Tags - 2.9.10

1581BugNewNormalMake sure xml requests are excluded09/30/2015 03:56 AMAdd-Headers - 2.0.1

319FeatureAssignedNormalManagement command to clear all thumbnails05/07/2011 01:20 AMdjango-thumbnail-works - 0.2.3

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