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162FeatureNewNormalImplement IP-based access control04/06/2010 09:14 PM

182FeatureNewNormalAdd time statistics to the server04/06/2010 09:14 PM

170FeatureNewNormalList backends from the command line04/06/2010 09:12 PM

173FeatureNewNormalShould support several default locations for configuration files04/06/2010 09:13 PM

176FeatureNewNormalThe server should reload its configuration after receiving SIGHUP04/06/2010 09:12 PM

225FeatureNewNormalAdd quiet mode to client04/02/2010 08:41 AM

256FeatureNewNormalWrite a test suite for the client04/16/2010 09:32 PM

257FeatureNewNormalWrite a testsuite for the server04/16/2010 09:32 PM

259FeatureNewNormalAdd debug messages for server database operations04/16/2010 09:32 PM

258FeatureNewNormalImproved server log messages04/16/2010 09:32 PM

178BugFeedbackLowLog message about database creation04/03/2010 05:58 AM

266BugNewHighRemove any wildcard exception handling04/15/2011 08:04 PMTinyIDS - 0.1.7

278BugNewNormalCode refactoring: serve_forever_wrapper()04/16/2010 09:31 PMTinyIDS - 0.1.7

175FeatureFeedbackHighUtility to manage the tinyidsd database04/15/2011 08:08 PMTinyIDS - 0.2.0

181FeatureNewNormalAdd time statistics to the client04/06/2010 10:27 PMTinyIDS - 0.2.0

239BugFeedbackNormalPassphrases should be base64 encoded04/15/2011 08:09 PMTinyIDS - 0.2.0

171FeatureNewLowUser-defined maximum length of hash04/06/2010 09:21 PMTinyIDS - 0.2.0

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245BugNewNormalIn the TinyIDS Protocol wiki page write about the erros that are returned in special cases04/08/2010 02:37 AM

264FeatureNewNormalInformation about how information is stored in the server database04/12/2010 11:06 AM

271FeatureNewLowMan page for tinyids04/16/2010 09:33 PM

272FeatureNewLowMan page for tinyidsd04/16/2010 09:33 PM

249BugNewLowAdd vcs repository access information in the download page04/15/2011 08:08 PMTinyIDS - 0.1.7

158FeatureAssignedHighWrite the Online User Guide on the wiki04/15/2011 08:08 PMTinyIDS - 0.2.0

366FeatureNewNormalEnhance the online user guide04/15/2011 08:07 PMTinyIDS - 0.2.0

253BugAssignedLowImprove documentation of in the collector module04/15/2011 08:09 PMTinyIDS - 0.2.0

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