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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated % Done
1203Creative Commons ConfiguratorBugNewNormalCheck code contribution by Heiko in contrib12/21/2014 09:07 PM

1172Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureNewNormalUse small element instead of p for license block12/21/2014 09:07 PM

1164Creative Commons ConfiguratorBugFeedbackNormalFix bug for extraordinary server setups12/21/2014 09:08 PM

1135Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureNewNormalImprove metadata in the license text. CC uses DCterms.12/21/2014 09:07 PM

1134Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureNewNormalFunction that builds dropdown box with country codes12/20/2014 06:57 PM

1127Creative Commons ConfiguratorTaskNewNormalCheck out LRMI12/20/2014 06:57 PM

1124Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureNewNormalSupport multiple authors12/20/2014 06:57 PM

1121Creative Commons ConfiguratorTaskNewNormalCheck with custom post types.12/21/2014 09:07 PM

1112Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureNewNormalOpen CC Partner Interface in iframe12/20/2014 06:57 PM

1111Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureNewNormalOpen CC Partner Interface in thickbox12/20/2014 06:57 PM

1110Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureNewNormalOpen CC Partner Interface in popup window12/20/2014 06:57 PM

497Creative Commons ConfiguratorFeatureNewNormalAdd support for qtranslate12/20/2014 06:57 PM

436django-content-licensesBugNewNormalIf the license slug is 'default' then it is caught in an endless loop trying to determine the template.05/06/2011 08:48 AM

477django-mysql-managerBugNewNormalException thrown if database is deleted and no owner is assigned09/18/2011 03:09 PM

311django-postgresql-managerFeatureNewNormalWrite documentation about permissions11/10/2010 06:01 PM

1229django-powerdns-managerBugNewNormalUsing Django 1.7 generates noisy system check framework warningsGeorge Notaras10/15/2014 11:33 PM

1221django-powerdns-managerBugNewNormalFix search fields03/01/2014 08:43 AM

1220django-powerdns-managerBugNewNormalMake max_num for record inlines customizable, so that very large zones can be supported.02/28/2014 06:14 AM

1208django-powerdns-managerTaskNewNormalAdd info about which powerdns versions have been tested.01/17/2014 01:51 PM

1207django-powerdns-managerTaskNewNormalAdd info about how to migrate existing tables to powerdns_manager.01/17/2014 01:44 PM

1205django-powerdns-managerBugNewNormalAdd example script that is supposed to update the Dynamic Zone01/10/2014 04:37 AM

1198django-powerdns-managerBugNewNormalZone serial is not updated if SOA is edited.12/20/2013 11:48 PM

1196django-powerdns-managerBugNewNormalCheck the index-together model meta property instead of executing directly the SQL query (New in Django 1.5)12/18/2013 09:43 PM

1195django-powerdns-managerBugNewNormalMissing feature "Add from AXFR" from feature list12/18/2013 06:40 PM

1194django-powerdns-managerBugNewNormalRemove the sites app from the example project as it buffles users.12/18/2013 06:40 PM

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