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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated % Done
1784Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalImprove the migration wiki page02/07/2016 12:32 PM

1782Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalUse site icon instead of default image URL02/07/2016 12:32 PM

1781Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAdd upload image button to default image url in plugin settings02/07/2016 12:32 PM

1780Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalFilter based switch to exclude the search functionality form the metadata02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1779Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAdd filter based switch to disable auto clearing of the cache when settings are saved.02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1778Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalImprove EDD support02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1773Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalAdvanced title is not used in name property in products.02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1771Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalPHP notice with EDD category/tag archives in case WooCommerce is also activated02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1769Add Meta TagsTaskNewNormalUpdate the features on the wiki about caching and performance optimizations.02/07/2016 12:35 PM

1765Add Meta itemids must be valid URLs or relative URLs02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1764Add Meta TagsBugAssignedNormalPersonal website configuration needs publisher itempropGeorge Notaras02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1758Add Meta TagsTaskAssignedNormalAdd section to the wiki about the decisions AMT makesGeorge Notaras02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1757Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalMetadata Review mode needs info about the status of the cache (enabled/diasabled)?02/07/2016 12:32 PM

1756Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalMetadata Review mode needs info about the title & custom title.02/07/2016 12:32 PM

1754Add Meta TagsBugFeedbackNormalAdd option to auto purge the post's metadata on comment publish/removal.02/07/2016 12:32 PM

1751Add Meta create images for gallery02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1748Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalSet mainEntityOfPage according to post formats02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1747Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalWhen set as personal site (Person on front page), articles need publisher attribute.02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1746Add Meta TagsBugAssignedNormalUse representativeOfPage itemprop on featured images.George Notaras02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1738Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalAllow %site% variable inside the custom title02/07/2016 12:25 PM

1730Add Meta TagsFeatureNewNormalShow used space by the metadata cache12/14/2015 01:30 AM

1721Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalTwitter card should not be created if no author or publisher username has been entered.12/11/2015 06:42 PM

1720Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalImprove the help text of the custom title box in the metabox12/11/2015 06:42 PM

1717Add Meta TagsBugNewNormalTwitter Photo card is now deprecatedGeorge Notaras12/11/2015 06:42 PM

1713Creative Commons ConfiguratorBugNewNormalIncrease the priority of the bccl_append_to_post_body filtering functionGeorge Notaras12/02/2015 03:28 PM

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