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1372FeatureNewNormalSupport for facebook product object03/01/2015 11:06 AM2.7.1

1373FeatureNewNormalSupport for Product03/01/2015 11:06 AM2.7.1

1374FeatureNewNormalSupport for the Product Twitter Card03/01/2015 11:06 AM2.7.1

1375FeatureNewNormalAdd support for product page detection (filtered)03/01/2015 11:06 AM2.7.1

1028BugNewNormalUrls containing query args must not contain & in the final metatag content03/01/2015 07:13 AM2.7.0

1062TaskNewNormalSend patch to SEO-Data-Transporter plugin developer for supporting our new field names.03/01/2015 07:13 AM2.7.0

1081FeatureNewNormalUse revision in article03/01/2015 07:13 AM2.7.0

1160BugNewNormalAdd prefix for OpenGraph03/01/2015 07:12 AM2.7.0

1178BugNewNormalUse wp_get_attachment_url() to get the URL to audio video files instead of $attachment->guid03/01/2015 07:12 AM2.7.0

1247BugNewNormallink rel="publisher and link rel="author not appeared on front page of website03/01/2015 07:12 AM2.7.0

1249BugNewNormalConfigurable thumbnail size in twitter cards (150x150)03/01/2015 07:11 AM2.7.0

1348BugNewNormalMissing dimensions of default image03/01/2015 07:12 AM2.7.0

1355BugNewNormalAdd app (android/ios) information in player cards for youtube videos03/01/2015 07:13 AM2.7.0

1367BugNewNormalog:image URLs are relative in some cases (possible custom code)03/01/2015 07:07 AM2.7.0

1368FeatureNewNormalGoogle plus publisher tag in homepage03/01/2015 07:10 AM2.7.0

1369FeatureNewNormalOption to make "summary with large image" the default Twitter card03/01/2015 08:54 AM2.7.0

1371BugNewNormalMove og:image, og:video and og:audio meta tags before article03/01/2015 08:53 AM2.7.0

1376FeatureNewNormalRelease script should generate file containing filelist and SHA1 sum of each file.03/01/2015 11:05 AM2.7.0

1377BugNewNormalwp_get_attachment_image_src() outputs relative paths in some cases03/01/2015 05:12 PM2.7.0

1340BugAssignedNormal[rss] Namespace prefix creativeCommons on license is not defined George Notaras01/31/2015 07:17 AM1.8.8

17FeatureNewNormalRelease under Apache License v210/23/2009 05:21 PM0.8

21FeatureNewNormalThe plugin should offer the option to compress the XML files itself10/25/2009 12:14 PM0.4.0

23FeatureNewNormalControl over the allowed/disallowed services that frame the website10/24/2009 06:55 AM0.4

24BugNewNormalAddition of a control panel10/24/2009 06:56 AM0.4

917FeatureNewNormalAdd support for zone groups01/14/2015 02:42 PM0.2.3a1

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